E-invitation - Invite your clients / prospects

This feature allows you to invite your customers / prospects. They will then be able to request a free badge and access the trade shows.

Please note that this form should not be used to register your teams / employees. They could be blocked at the entrance.

If your customers / prospects appear with a Registered status after import, it means that they have already validated their registration, therefore they will not receive your invitation.

Invitations will be sent from June 14th, every Wednesday, until the show.

Please set up your invitation email, to start inviting your contacts

Understand the different statuses after import

There are 8 statuses for your guests

Imported: Your guest has been imported into your list
Email sent : The invitation email has been sent to him/her
Email opened : The invitation email has been opened
Clicked Email : The invitation email has been clicked
Registered : Your guest is already registered
Not Completed : Your guest has started registration, but has not completed it
Unreachable : The invitation email did not reach its destination. You should check the email address you entered.